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The Children of the Carmel All-Age School are learning their A-B-C’s.
Can They Count On You...

The students of the Carmel All-Age School Alumni (CASAA) need your helpThe Children of the Carmel All-Age School are learning their A-B-C’s.. At present, the school is in need of educational supplies, major structural repairs and a play field. Your generous contribution will make a real difference in the lives of the students and facilitate physical improvements to the school. Your contribution is tax deductible. Please help educate a child.
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Mission Statement

Picture above: (CASAA) Students in front of the old school building.The Carmel All-Age School Alumni Association (CASAA) was founded in 1999 as a separately incorporated nonprofit organization to advance and assist the interests of the Carmel All-Age School, its students and Graduates.

Picture above: (CASAA) Students in front of the old school building. A message from the president...
In August of 1998 some former students of what used to be called Carmel Primary School held a reunion in their hometown of Carmel, Westmoreland, in Jamaica. The event was moving on many levels along with nostalgia, much good natured fellowship was experienced by those who were fortunate enough to attend. Childhood friends met again after years of separation. The sounds of music and laughter filled the air. As the saying goes, “A Good Time Was Had By All.” However many of the alumni’s were distressed at the learning conditions we found at our old school. Teachers contend    

The association assists in recruitment and recognition of students and alumni, provides material, financial and moral support to the school, and disseminates information about Carmel All-Age School and it’s objectives. We also seek to enhance the educational experience, and to promote continuing education for all graduates.

Through various special events and outreach efforts, and in cooperation with both the public and private sector, the association provides alumni with a lasting bond to the school, and its surrounding community.

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  with poor lighting and a lack of educational materials. Students sit in classrooms that are in need of repair, and on furniture that appears to be the same as that used when our senior alumni, attended school there. Needsless to say, many of us felt compelled to take some kind of action to assist in the uplifting of the school and community where our roots lie. With this as our impetus, in 1998 we formed the CARMEL ALL-AGE SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (CASAA). We hope that through communication, contribution, and cooperation, we will be able to help Carmel to be a place where rising Stars' are born. Through a combination of special events, and ongoing fundraising efforts, resources can be provided that will give the students of Carmel All-Age School a fair chance at the opportunities the 21st century has to offer.  
We are now accepting DONATIONS for the CASAA playfield...See (CASAA) Proposed Play field slideshow below

The PLAYFIELD is the first of several projects that CASAA has planned for the Carmel community. We gave priority to the playfield, due to the fact that the students of Carmel school were in dire need for a proper playfield.

The children of the CARMEL ALL-AGE SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION were participating in Island wide competitions in several sports category, but never had an appropriate practicing facility. When CASAA was made aware of this , we decided to do something to help, so that both the school and the community can benefit.

The project is going well, we hope to have the grand opening in July 2008. However, we do need the help of  past students, well wishers, and dedicated supporters.

Please help us support this worthy cause with your
Tax deductible DONATION!

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